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本文摘要:巴基斯坦线上对接会MEET POTENTIAL PAKISTANI BUYERS简介Introduction当下,新冠肺炎已严重影响到线下面临面的经贸互动与生意业务。


巴基斯坦线上对接会MEET POTENTIAL PAKISTANI BUYERS简介Introduction当下,新冠肺炎已严重影响到线下面临面的经贸互动与生意业务。The current COVID-19 crisis has heavily impacted physical face-to-face interaction & trade.此对接会的主办方拥有20年组织线下、在线B2B集会的履历,以及成熟的在线营销计谋。The organizers of MEET POTENTIAL PAKISTANI BUYERS have 20 years experience of organizing B2B Meetings both physically and online, developed online marketing strategy.将凭据自由商业协定,促进中国企业向巴基斯坦出口产物。

To increase exports made in China products to Pakistan under FTA.对接会主办方:EGP、JYPPOrganizers: Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd, Jamal’s Yellow Pages of PakistanEGP深耕巴基斯坦专业展会20年,是巴基斯坦当地最大的展会组展单元,也是UFI会员。Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd www.ecgateway. net the largest trade fair Owner’s & Organizer’s group with 20 years’ experience of the industry.JYPP拥有37年商业对接履历,是巴基斯坦最大的商务数据库,席卷了入口商、署理、批发商等类型的买家。

Jamal’s Yellow Pages of Pakistan 37 years’ experience and largest business directory & databank of importers, agents, traders & wholesalers.中国区总署理:新天会展机构China General Agency: Valuedshow Management LLC.新天会展机构是海内最早一批组织外洋展的组团单元之一,在石材、建材、劳保、果蔬、美容等领域压倒一切并具备优势。Valuedshow Management LLC. is one of the largest and most successful organizer for the tradeshows of natural stone products, building materials, and safety related products, fruits and vegetables,beauty, etc.在线营销计谋Online Marketing Strategy为在线B2B对接会量身定制计谋。


Customized strategy for Online B2B Matchmaking Meetings.企业将与3-5家来自巴基斯坦及一带一路的优质买家举行在线谈判。Company will meet online with 3-5 qualified buyers from Pakistan and other One Belt One Road contries.提供翻译服务(中译英或英译中,普通话)。

Translator services to help with any translation from Mandarin to English or English to Mandarin language.在线B2B对接会期间须要的协助。Assistance during Online B2B Matchmaking Meetings.赠送价值2000美元的EcomBRI金牌在线会员套餐至20年12月31日。

Introductory year free offer of EcomBRI ( Gold Online Membership Package (worth US$2,000).行业优质买家Sector-wise Qualified Buyer 买家漫衍行业(包罗但不限于): List of sector wise qualified buyers from multiple industries (but not limited to):医疗保健&医疗器械行业Health Care and Medical Devices Industry消防&宁静设备Fire & Safety Equipment制药业Pharmaceutical Industry安防监控设备Security Surveillance EquipmentIT&电信行业IT & Telecom Industry生物识别设备Biometric Equipment消费类电子产物Consumer Electronics灯具&LED灯,实验室设备Lights & LED, Lab Equipment电子及重型机械行业Electronics & Heavy Machines Industry家具Furniture修建质料Construction Material纺织&衣饰Textile & Garment Product纺织机械Textile Machinery玩具、包装、鞋&珠宝Toys, Bags, Shows & Artificial Jewelry服装Clothing婴童用品Baby Products纺织物Fabric其他Others除了巴基斯坦的买家另有其他一带一路国家买家到场到对接会中报名后一个月内组织对接!。



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